holistic, creative, compassionate and honest
preparation and support for
 birth and parenting
in richmond, va

Birthing From Within Classes

How are you trusting that birth is, at its essence, a Mystery-- unknowable and uncontrollable? How are you trusting that you can access resources, internal and external, to help you cope with the intensity that birth can bring?

from Trust Birth? by Virginia Bobro

Birth Doula


With compassionate support, I feel that parents can enter this new stage of their life with curiosity and an openness to being present in the moment and for the journey,

Postpartum Doula


My priority as a postpartum doula is you, the birth parent. I am there for you. 

"We absolutely loved working with Cat! We interviewed a few different doulas but Cat was the best fit for us not only because of her experience and resourcefulness but because she made me feel like I was talking with a close trusted friend. She was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in assisting us prepare for the labor and birth process as well as breastfeeding support. The advice she provided was always researched based and practical. Cat always made me feel at ease and confident in the decisions we made for our labor, birth, and newborn.  We highly recommend her services!" --Tammie V.